118th Senate sworn in as House speaker vote stalls


(NewsNation) — Lawmakers from the 118th Congress swore in a new class of senators, with some famous faces in the crowd.

Among them were Senators John Fetterman, Raphael Warnock and J.D. Vance.

Fetterman came back after a stroke that made some fear voters would turn lose confidence in him, especially after criticism of his debate performance. But the former Lt. Gov. of Pennsylvania was sworn in Tuesday to a seat Republicans had hoped to swing in their favor.

In a nod to his regular-guy ward wardrobe, Fetterman tweeted before being sworn in: “Yes, there will be a Fetterman in shorts today, but it’s not me.”

The tweet included a picture of his son in shorts. Fetterman wore a suit and tie.

In another win for Democrats, who will now control the Senate outright in a 51-49 majority, Warnock was sworn in to his first full six-year term.

He has represented Georgia since 2021 after a special election.

On the Republican side, J.D. Vance, who was hand picked by former President Donald Trump, took his seat to represent Ohio.

In the House, congressman-elect George Santos sat alone in the back row of the chamber, waiting to be sworn in.

The soon-to-be Republican congressman from New York has been embroiled in scandal and investigations after telling a series of lies about his career and background.

Santos has rebuffed calls, some even from his own party, to resign.

The House cannot be sworn until a speaker is elected. Rep. Kevin McCarthy failed to win the first vote, the first time since 1923 that a speaker was not elected on the first try. He lost again on second and third votes.

After failing to elect a speaker, the House adjourned for the day and will return Wednesday at noon.

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