Nevada Republicans announce lawsuit, allege ‘fraud and irregularities’ in Nevada election

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LAS VEGAS (NewsNation Now) — Republican party officials in Nevada announced a lawsuit Tuesday, to “throw out fraud and ensure election integrity” in the Nevada election.

The team, including former Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt, cited several issues of irregularities: vote machine problem, dead voters and people who they claim voted in Nevada and another state.

“We are asking the court to recognize that President Trump was victorious in this election,” said Jesse R. Binnall, an attorney representing President Donald Trump’s campaign.

The Associated Press called the race for President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday, Nov. 7.

“The media’s declaration that Joe Biden won Nevada was wrong,” said Matt Schlapp, the chair of the American Conservative Union.

They claimed there were “reckless” changes to Nevada laws and the process ahead of the general elections, and said the evidence was outlined in the court documents.

Several legal actions in the state have failed in court.

A state court legal fight to stop counting mail ballots in the Las Vegas area ended last week, after the state high court dismissed an appeal by the Trump campaign and state GOP, at their request.

This lawsuit comes after the Clark County Elections Department reported discrepancies in 936 ballots which, as a result, could not be counted, NewsNation affiliate KLAS-TV reported. Another 2,243 provisional ballots were rejected. The majority of those ballots were from people who had not registered to vote.

In the Las Vegas area, officials identified six people who voted twice, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria told elected county commissioners. They urged Gloria to track Nevada Secretary of State investigations of those cases for possible prosecution.

Gloria said election officials found 936 “discrepancies” among votes countywide — ranging from inadvertently canceled votes, reactivated voter cards and check-in errors at polling places.

President Trump tweeted the results amounted to “large scale voter discrepancy,” and said “Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!”

The moves came as elections officials and county clerks in Nevada’s 17 counties approve results, called the canvass, ahead of Nevada Supreme Court certification on Nov. 24 of the statewide vote.

The state’s Democratic Party issued a statement to KLAS-TV:

“I want to thank Nevada’s election officials who, despite facing relentless threats and protests on a daily basis, did their job to ensure our election was free and fair. Yesterday, the Clark County Commission certified the results of all but one contest within the county that was separated by 10 votes. Attempts to challenge those results based on voter fraud lack standing and should be regarded as attempts to discredit the electoral process. As our Secretary of State and Attorney General have stated many times, there have been no instances of widespread voter fraud in this election. If we want to see our state and our country recover from this pandemic and prosper once again, we must come together. As for this election, it’s time to move on.” 


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