President Trump posts recorded speech on social media claiming election fraud

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WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — President Donald Trump pleaded his case in the court of public opinion — arguing anew that the Nov. 3 contest was riddled with unprecedented fraud that tipped the scales against him, but they were the same claims rejected as baseless by judges across the country and this week by his own Attorney General.

“If we are right about the fraud, Joe Biden can’t be president,” President Trump said.

The 45-minute speech from the White House Diplomatic Room was posted on Facebook and Twitter, which said “this claim of fraud is disputed.”

Attorney General William Barr told The Associated Press on Tuesday the Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of fraud widespread enough to overturn Joe Biden’s victory.

Last month, Department of Homeland Security election expert Christopher Krebs said the vote was the most secure in U.S. history and was fired by the president soon thereafter.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t answer on Wednesday when asked if the president still has confidence in Barr.

“The president, if he has any personnel announcements — you’ll be the first to know,” she said.

In his remarks, the president recycled the same arguments his self-styled “elite strike force” of lawyers led by Rudolph Giuliani have made unsuccessfully for weeks.

For example, the president asserted that many votes were cast for thousands of dead people, that others were surreptitiously counted at some undisclosed foreign site, that corrupted voting machines flipped his numbers to Mr. Biden and mail-in ballots were abused by Democrats to turn the tide at just the right time to help his opponent — all of it debunked repeatedly by various fact-checkers as well as the courts.

He ignored urgent appeals by Georgia election officials, all of them Republicans, to stop impugning the process they oversaw. Criticism which they say has led to threats against them.

He also said the news media were refusing to cover the story fairly, all part of an effort to delegitimize his presidency from the outset.

“This is not disputed and it has never been disputed,” President Trump said. “Our opponents have proven many times — again and again — that they will say and do anything to get back into power.”

The president said flatly that the Nov. 3 election was a total catastrophe and far from accepting his defeat, he indicated he will fight on all the way to the Supreme Court if need be.

“Hopefully, they will do what’s right,” he said.

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