‘Welcome back’: World leaders congratulate Biden, Harris after election win

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(NewsNation Now) — The world is reacting to the election of Joe Biden as the president of the United States and Sen. Kamala Harris as the first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president.

“Welcome back America!” were the words of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who congratulated President-elect and Vice President-elect on Saturday after they were projected to win the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

President Donald Trump has yet to conceded defeat, but people around the world are celebrating Biden’s victory.

“While we are about to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, this victory symbolizes our need to act together more than ever, in view of climate emergency,” Hidalgo wrote.

The U.S. left the landmark climate change agreement earlier this week.

Canadian Prime Minister leader Justin Trudeau remarked on the alliance between his country and the U.S.

“Congratulations Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Trudeau tweeted. “Our two countries are close friends, partners and allies. We share a relationship that’s unique on the world stage. I’m really looking forward to working together and building on that with you both.”

In Israel, opposition leader Yair Lapid congratulated Biden and Harris and commented on the relationship between the two countries.

“Congratulations to my friend President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. The relationship between our countries is based on deeply held values and critical shared interests which I know will be at the heart of your administration,” Lapid said.

Amir Peretz, leader of Israel’s Labor Party and a minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government, also extended his congratulations on Twitter: “I congratulate the election of President Joe Biden and wish him success.”

In Ireland, Prime Minister Micheál Martin tweeted, “I want to congratulate the new President Elect of the USA [Joe Biden],”

In a nod to Biden’s Irish-American heritage, Martin also said, “I also look forward to welcoming him back home when the circumstances allow!”

In Rome, people gathered in a coffee bar broke out in cheers when media outlets delivered the news, according to The Associated Press.

In Germany, Sawsan Chebli, a Berlin city official, said, “After the birth of my son, the election of Joe Biden is by far the best news of this year.”

“Everything won’t get better overnight, but Trump is finally gone!” Chebli tweeted.

In India, Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the opposition Congress party, said, “It makes us proud that the first woman to serve as vice president of the USA traces her roots to India.”

India is the homeland of Harris’ late mother. Harris is the first Black woman and first woman of Asian descent ever elected to the U.S. vice presidency.

“She will be an incredible example and important role model for young girls throughout the world, showing them girls and boys enjoy the same rights and opportunities,” said Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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