Vice presidential candidates address economic recovery and the nation’s relationship with China

Vice Presidential Debate

SALT LAKE CITY (NewsNation Now) — Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Sen. Kamala Harris addressed their plan toward economic recovery at Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential debate.

Both candidates proposed different plans to address the nation’s $2 trillion deficit.

Harris said the Biden-Harris administration, if elected, will cut taxes for the wealthy and reinvest funds into the American people.

“Joe Biden believes you measure the health and the strength of America’s economy based on the health and the strength of the American worker and the American family,” Harris said. “On the other hand, you have Donald Trump who measures the strength of the economy based on how rich people are doing.”

Pence responded by reassuring the American people that the president is fighting for American jobs and American workers.

“We’ve already added back 11.6 million jobs because we had a president who cut taxes, rolled back regulation, unleashed American energy, fought for free and fair trade and secured $4 trillion from the Congress of the United States to give direct payments to families, save 50 million jobs through the paycheck protection program,” Pence said. “We’ve literally spared no expense to help the American people.”

Trade, health disputes with China

Pence claimed Joe Biden wants to return to the “economic surrender to China.” Instead, he argued, “the American comeback is on the ballot.”

Moderator Susan Page asked Pence to define the nation’s relationship with China following the virus and trade dispute.

Pence blamed China for the coronavirus.

“China and the World Health Organization did not play straight with the American people,” Pence said. “They did not let our personnel into China to get information on the coronavirus until the middle of February.”

When asked the same question by Page, Harris said the Trump administration failed the American people.

“The Trump administration’s perspective and approach to China has resulted in a loss of American lives, American jobs, and America’s standing.” Harris said.

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