GOP hopefuls line up for fundraisers in the heart of Texas

  • Texas is Gov. Ron DeSantis’ first stop on a six-day fundraising tour
  • GOP hopeful Nikki Haley is in Dallas; a fundraiser will be held Wednesday
  • Largest itemized campaign donations come from Texas, Florida and California

DALLAS (NewsNation) — Some of Texas’ biggest Republican donors are getting behind GOP presidential candidates as they plan fundraising trips to Texas.

While some candidates running for president in 2024 are hitting up states like Iowa and New Hampshire to try to win over voters, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley are heading to Texas to try to score more funding.

Haley will be in Dallas Wednesday, where billionaire Harlan Crow is expected to host a fundraiser for her. Crow has recently come under scrutiny for his apparent friendship and financial dealings with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Haley is also expected to make stops in Midland and Houston, the Texas Tribune reported.

DeSantis is expected to arrive in Dallas and Fort Worth Thursday. He’s expected to visit Texas through June 9 for a six-city fundraising tour, according to a schedule obtained by the Texas Tribune. He’s expected to make stops in Midland, Houston, The Woodlands and Austin, according to the paper.

This will mark DeSantis’ first visit to Texas since he formally launched his White House bid last month.

So, why Texas? The answer is money.

Data from the Federal Elections Commission shows in the 2020 presidential election, states with the largest populations — California, New York, Texas and Florida — made the largest itemized campaign donations across both parties. Data shows $290 million from California, $141 million from New York, $109 million from Texas, and $103 million from Florida.

“Every campaign has a super PAC and those donations are a lot larger than $3,000, but the candidate can’t use that money to fly themselves to get on the ballot can’t even use it to put themselves on TV,” said Brad Todd, a political strategist. “But the real prize is the $3,000 donor checks; they don’t come themselves you gotta go to Texas and Florida to find them.”

The $3,000 figure Todd references is the maximum contribution a single person can make to a candidate.

No other candidates have announced a visit to Texas or any other state for fundraising.

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