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Poll: RFK Jr. would pull more support from Trump than Biden

  • RFK Jr. has hinted at an independent run
  • In the poll, Kennedy garnered 19% of support 
  • A Super PAC supporting RFK Jr. commissioned the poll

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(NewsNation) — A poll conducted by a super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reports a third-party bid would pull more support from former President Donald Trump than President Joe Biden. 

Amid mounting indications that Kennedy may abandon his quest for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination in favor of an independent run, voters on the campaign trail have offered various perspectives.  

Conservative voters have expressed Kennedy embodies more traditional conservative values, while Democratic voters, weary of familiar candidates, seek a change and view him as a unifying figure. 

“He certainly appeals to conservatives more than anybody in the Democratic party. I think he’s conservative at heart just like I think JFK was conservative at heart. I would certainly vote for (JFK) again if he was alive today so I’ll certainly vote for his relative if that’s the case,” said James Inman, a conservative voter in South Carolina. 

The poll, which examined a hypothetical general election scenario featuring Trump, Biden, and a generic independent candidate, revealed the following results: 

– Trump garnered 40% support 

– Biden secured 38% support 

– The generic independent candidate obtained 17% support 

However, when Kennedy was introduced as the independent candidate, the numbers shifted. Trump and Biden were tied at 38% each, while Kennedy garnered 19% support, indicating a decline in Trump’s backing. 

Despite the speculation surrounding his potential party switch, Kennedy has not officially confirmed any plans. He has hinted at a significant announcement in Philadelphia, suggesting it will usher in a “sea of change in American politics.” While reports from Mediaiate suggest he is planning an independent bid, his campaign has not confirmed this. 

This summer, during an exclusive NewsNation town hall event, Kennedy doubled down as running as a Democrat. 

“One of my purposes in running is to remind the Democratic party of what we are supposed to represent and what we’ve always represented. People have said to me why don’t you run as an independent? I say because I’m a Democrat. This is who I am. This is my identity, but I want my party back,” he said in the June townhall. 

No Labels, a bipartisan group committed to launching a third-party unity ticket, said they are not involved with Kennedy’s announcement but support his decision to potentially do the same. 

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