Can RFK Jr. win Iowa caucus, New Hampshire primary?

  • President Joe Biden is pushing for South Carolina to vote first
  • This could lead to him being off the ballot in Iowa and New Hampshire
  • RFK Jr., who is polling second, is next option; Ramped up campaign in NH

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BOSTON (NewsNation) — While Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy to secure the Democratic nomination has been called a long shot by many, it is quite possible he’ll end up winning the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary.

That’s because President Joe Biden is pushing for the more diverse state of South Carolina to go first — a state he did well in back in 2020.

But New Hampshire and Iowa have said “not so fast.” Those states have always gone first and said they will do the same in 2024.

It’s being reported if those states decide to go against Biden and the DNC, then the president will not appear on the ballots there.

As such, that would most likely give the delegates to somebody else. And looking at the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Kennedy has been polling second.

Kennedy’s been polling around 15%, which is well behind Biden but still substantial.

As it so happens, he’s been campaigning all around New England this week, where he told voters in New Hampshire that they should vote first.

“We need a place where politicians have to come and be vetted in barber shops, diners, gas stations and nail salons and ask real questions. And people would have to interact with Americans to understand what’s happening on the ground in this country, and New Hampshire is the place where that happens. So, we need to bring the primaries back here,” Kennedy said during his speech.

There are also rumblings that if Biden does not appear on the ballot in Iowa or New Hampshire, a write-in campaign will be put in motion there.

Meanwhile, Kennedy continues to hammer the campaign trail, heading to Cleveland, Ohio, next week before he appears for a live town hall on NewsNation next Wednesday.

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