Abrams: Do we really need Trump versus Biden in 2024?


(NewsNation) — Trump 2024 or Biden 2024?

Most media are suggesting those are voters’ only two choices, Dan Abrams said.

Five major surveys have shown a tight race between the two. But “very few of the surveys even consider any other candidates,” Abrams said on NewsNation’s “Dan Abrams Live.”

Of the 14 major surveys on the 2024 election released in the last two months, 11 of them consider former President Donald Trump to be the only Republican candidate, and seven of those polls focused exclusively on pitting him against current President Joe Biden. The other four include Vice President Kamala Harris as the lone alternative for the Democratic side, Abrams said.

“These are the two candidates, we’re supposed to believe, (who) are basically locked in to represent their parties again in 2024 — a rematch,” Abrams said. “Why is our system is so broken as to force us with choices that so many people don’t want? It is long past time for us take a hard look at how we pick presidential candidates in this country, particularly as it relates to incumbents.”

Abrams had Republican strategist William O’Reilly and Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins on his show to discuss why the media and politicians are propping up these two potential candidates — at the expense of others.

Watch the full “Dan Abrams Live” discussion in the video player at the top of the page.

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