Americans weigh in on President Trump’s impeachment


MIAMI (NewsNation Now) Debate went on for hours in the House of Representatives Wednesday as the proceedings to impeach President Donald Trump went on for much of the day.

Americans around the country watched — including in a Midtown Miami Barbershop.

“I respect Trump as a businessman and that’s it. Great businessman. But that right there, they should get him out of there. They should have never put him there,” barber Charles Geiger said.

Geiger was watching the hearing all day long and said he wanted to see President Trump get impeached a second time.

“They need to get him out of office. If it had been one of us with the riots and going into the Capitol and all that foolishness, man, they would have shot all of us on the spot. We would not have had the chance to have a trial, or whatever, you know what I’m saying?” Geiger said.

Just down the street, at an auto shop, mechanics were discussing the hearing.

“I used to like Trump because the things that he stands for and the way he looks at the world. Making everyone paying their fair share. I like that. He stopped people from taking advantage of America. That was all good. I used to like him, but now with all these things going on there… what do you think should happen now? They want to impeach him. I can’t stop them from impeaching him. If he did something wrong, what can I say?” mechanic George Mitchell said.

In Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, most people we talked to thought the impeachment is a waste of time since Trump’s presidency is almost over.

“I don’t think it is right. I think he is already stepping down. He said he would. He’s just not going to the inauguration. That is fine. Biden is going to come in either way,” said Miranda Reyes.

Reyes is 21 years old and a junior in college majoring in criminal justice.

She is a Trump supporter, and says the riot at the Capitol terrified her.

“It is scary. It makes us feel unsafe. It is not right. Do you blame President Trump for it? No. I don’t. I don’t think he condoned it. I know it is people who are rioting for him and are his supporters, but I’m a supporter as well and I would not do something like that,” Reyes said.

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