Battleground states: A local perspective on Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Tom Zalaski, NewsNation Reporter

GREEN BAY, Wis./HARRISBURG, Pa. (NewsNation Now) — The two presidential candidates were in two different battleground states — Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — on Thursday night. NewsNation is bringing you a unique perspective as Election Day gets closer from journalists who know these states well.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden campaigned in Moosic, Pennsylvania, near Scranton, where he was born. The former Vice President participated in a socially distanced town hall.

President Donald Trump held a rally in the rural town of Mosinee, Wisconsin, marking his 5th visit to the battleground state in 2020.

Dennis Owens, NewsNation Reporter

NewsNation’s Dennis Owens has spent years reporting on stories in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and the same goes for Tom Zalaski in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We heard from each of them to get some perspectives on why candidates are spending so much time in their states.

Watch the full conversation in the player above.


NewsNation wanted to take a closer look at how people in Wisconsin voted in the last presidential election.

In 2016, Wisconsin had nearly 3.8 million registered voters and just under 3 million actually cast their ballots, NewsNation’s research team found.

President Donald Trump won with 47 percent of the vote, even though, his opponent Hillary Clinton polled higher.


In 2016, Pennsylvania had more than 8.7 million voters and more than 6 million cast ballots in that election. President Donald Trump also won Pennsylvania, with 48 percent of the vote, NewsNation’s research team found.

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