Biden rallies Democrats, enrages Republicans with speech

(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden delivered a speech Thursday night in Philadelphia titled “Soul of the Nation” in which he called MAGA Republicans a “clear threat to democracy” just two months before November’s pivotal midterm elections.

Republicans assailed Biden’s speech as a divider, claiming it was an attack on everyone who voted for former President Donald Trump. But Al Weaver, political reporter for The Hill, believes Biden’s speech was not targeted at Republicans, but rather was meant to be a rallying cry for Democrats.

“I think his plan was to unite his party, the people who are going to try and go out and vote this fall on the Democratic side,” Weaver said. “The Democratic Party right now, they’re in a bit of an upswing. After a couple of big special election wins, the abortion vote in Kansas a few weeks ago, Democrats are feeling good about themselves right now.”

Trump will visit Pennsylvania to deliver a speech of his own this weekend, one in which Weaver expects few surprises.

“I expect the former president to play the hits,” Weaver said. “By that I mean I expect him to go heavy into the FBI investigation into him, the DOJ investigation, and all the investigations seeking to possibly indict him in the future.”


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