Brazil seeks to reopen case against Santos


(NewsNation) — Congressman-elect George Santos is facing new legal drama as he is set to be sworn in with the new Congress.

Many are still calling on Santos to resign after revelations that he lied about his background, but he has remained determined to be sworn in and serve his term.

Now, Santos is facing potential legal troubles abroad. A Brazilian prosecutor is petitioning to reopen a 2008 criminal investigation against Santos. According to The New York Times, the investigation accuses then 19-year-old Santos of allegedly stealing a man’s checkbook to buy clothes.

In 2009, Santos reportedly admitted to the crime, telling the shop owner he wanted to pay. The investigation was suspended when authorities were unable to locate Santos.

Santos told the New York Post, “I am not a criminal here. Not here, or in Brazil or any jurisdiction in the world.”

Santos has admitted to lying during his campaign. He lied about his college education, his employment on Wall Street and about being of Jewish descent.

His finances are also under federal investigation. That investigation centers around the possible misuse of campaign funds to pay rent and other expenses, as well as numerous expenses coming in at $199.99, just below the threshold to require a receipt.

The New York Times also reports a man claiming to be Santos’ ex-boyfriend in 2014 said Santos never helped with bills, stole his phone and never went to work.

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