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Chinese factory plans lead town to vote on recall of town council

  • The factory has the backing of many prominent Michigan politicians
  • It consists of a more than $2 billion investment
  • Local residents fear its ties to the Chinese government

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(NewsNation) — Residents of Green Charter Township in Michigan will vote on a recall of their town government Tuesday, the consequence of a dispute over a planned factory by a Chinese-affiliated electric battery company.

The township’s local governing officials have approved a factory by Gotion, the U.S. subsidiary of a Chinese EV battery maker. The project is expected to create more than 2,300 jobs as part of a $2.34 billion investment.

But amidst growing skepticism over the Chinese government’s role in the world, many in the township oppose the plan.

“We just are praying every day that we’re successful in this,” said one township resident who opposes the project.

Gotion operates in Ohio and California and has planned a $2 billion battery plant in Illinois. The Michigan project was the result of around $800 million in grants and other tax subsidies from the state.

The state’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has been a strong supporter of Gotion coming to the state.

“I am proud that Republicans and Democrats worked across the aisle to build up our economic development toolkit and empowered Michigan to compete for every project and every job,” she said.

“Together, we will continue winning investments in this space and become the preeminent destination for electric vehicle and mobility companies. We will work with anyone and compete with everyone to keep bringing supply chains of batteries, chips, and electric vehicles home to Michigan.”


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