Congress sharply divided on Biden’s green energy push


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — In the face of staggering gas prices, the Biden administration is taking unprecedented steps to try to lower costs at the pump.

President Joe Biden is calling on Congress to make bold investments to accelerate the use of alternative energy sources to bring America to true energy independence.

But the push is not going over well with Republicans, who argue it is divorced from reality, as most Americans continue to rely on traditional fuel.

To diminish Russian influence in the world, the Biden administration said it’s time the country leaps into an independent green future by investing big in clean energy solutions.

“The president recognizes the time-limited nature of this opportunity and the reason for us to go big and bold in this moment,” said Ali Zaidi, White House deputy climate adviser.

He said the investments will do more than relieve Americans from fluctuating gas prices.

“We’re also going to reduce our consumption of oil by 2 million barrels per day, so that means less reliance on a volatile commodity and bolstered energy security,” Zaidi said.

The administration is calling on Congress to pass billions in funding to invest in sustainable energy solutions such as electric vehicles and solar energy to protect the planet and national security.

But Republicans say it’s an especially bad time to make the switch.

On the House floor this week, Republicans including Arkansas Rep. Bruce Westerman argued it’s the president’s green energy push that sparked the current crisis at the pump.

Instead, he said the administration should focus on ramping up long-term clean oil production.

“By processing permits, issuing leases, streamlining the regulatory process, and giving our own homegrown industries the ability to use our American resources,” Westerman said.

With Congress sharply divided, the chances of passing climate policy remain low. However, with pressure mounting for the president to relieve Americans of crippling gas prices, this week, his administration announced plans to begin releasing 1 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve each day for as long as three months.

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