Daily Mail report: Joe Biden referenced as ‘big guy’ in son’s emails


(NewsNation) — The Daily Mail says it linked President Joe Biden to his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings, including a 10% stake in a Chinese oil deal, through exchanges in the younger Biden’s emails.

It all stems from a laptop that the was seized by the FBI and allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden.

Many of the emails on the laptop have already been released, but additional communications revealed multiple associates of Joe Biden referring to him as the “Big Guy.”

“The new thing that we added with this most recent article was a couple of extra emails that just really solidify the case that, in fact, the big guy is Joe Biden,” said Josh Boswell, a senior reporter for Dailymail.com, who has been following the situation closely.

One email included a host of potential equity distributions and cited “10 held by H for the big guy?”

According to Boswell, the “big guy” email was of the most shocking of the more than 150,000 exchanges, suggesting that the president was involved in and set to profit from an alleged Chinese influence operation.

“Not only a conflict of interest, but also a potential for them to hold it over him,” Boswell said. “And that’s why it’s important to reveal these things as well.”

But questions remain about whether Joe Biden is the “big guy” referenced in the emails.

Boswell said the following points confirm it was the nickname used to reference the president:

  • A trade union lobbyist referenced Joe Biden as the “Big Guy” when he emailed Hunter Biden.
  • There was an attempt to arrange a meeting between his union boss and the then-vice president in 2014.
  • An executive at a wealth management firm used the same term for Joe Biden when he wrote to Hunter Biden about the vice president’s appearance at a 2013 private club dinner in Delaware.

“Initially, the White House denied that Joe Biden showed up to this dinner. They said it didn’t happen. Then when the emails came out and it became incontrovertible, and in fact, there was a photo of Joe Biden there, then they changed their tune and they said, ‘Oh, well, yes, he did show up, but it was only for a very brief period,'” Boswell said. “I think that there are many, many more cases here. And what I want to do is lay out in that piece, just to really hit home to readers, what kind of an issue we’re dealing with here.”

The New York Post has also reported that House Judiciary Committee Republicans are demanding that 51 former intelligence operatives divulge information about their 2020 statement that documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop could be Russian disinformation.

This comes as major outlets such as The Washington Post and the New York Times say that Hunter Biden’s laptop is authentic.

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