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What should we ask Republican presidential candidates at the debate?

  • NewsNation will host the fourth Republican presidential debate Dec. 6
  • Key issues in 2024 include foreign policy, inflation, border, abortion
  • What should we ask the candidates? Submit your question below

NewsNation will host the fourth Republican primary debate on Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. E.T. The debate will be aired and streamed live on all NewsNation platforms. Not sure how to find us on your TV? Use our ChannelFinder app. If you have a question for the candidates, submit it here

(NewsNation) — On Dec. 6, NewsNation will host the fourth Republican presidential debate ahead of the beginning of primary season in January. It will be carried live on air and on the NewsNation website and app. You can read more about how to watch the debate here.

For several months, polling from RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight shows that former President Donald Trump remains the clear front-runner in the Republican primaries with his legal challenges posing no threat to his support from the Republican voter base. Though he was initially challenged by several candidates, a handful remain in the race, though they have struggled to close the polling gap with the former president. Trump has spurned the previous three debates, propped up by his strong showing in the polls.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson remain in the running, less than two months before the Iowa primary, and they have a chance of making it to the fourth debate stage in Alabama.

Several issues have bubbled up as key concerns for Republican voters, with candidates sparring on topics like abortion, Social Security, American involvement in the wars in Ukraine and Israel, inflation, the border and migrant crisis, among others.

NewsNation is committed to covering the issues that matter most to voters, whether they are part of candidates’ political rhetoric or not. If you have a question for the candidates, fill out the form below and it will be considered for the debate.

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