Democrats, Republicans meet to discuss COVID-19 stimulus, rebuilding economy


WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — With less than two months before the November election, Republicans laid out a number of policy agendas Tuesday morning, which GOP leaders branded their ‘Commitment to America.’ While the GOP defined a number of policy goals, Democrats emphasized their sole focus on the coronavirus.  

The GOP Commitment to America website says the party will work to restore the American way of life by addressing COVID, and rebuilding the economy.

“If you give us the chance, we will defeat this virus and rebuild our economy. We will restore American strength, hold the Chinese Communist party accountable, and return power to the people,” said GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney, Republican from Wyoming.

Cheney said she attributes the country’s most pressing challenges, including gridlock on a COVID stimulus plan and the current wildfire devastation to Democrat policies.

“Today we see the fires ravaging the American West. Democrat administrations leaving our forests to die,” said Cheney.

She and other Republican leaders say the GOP will legislate policies to restore the economy to pre-Covid levels, and work with the White House to develop a coronavirus vaccine.  

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy says the party will also unveil a jobs program as part of its ‘Commitment to America’ plan.

“Specifically we will add 10 million good paying jobs with investments in distressed communities,” said McCarthy.

Meanwhile Democrats say first addressing the Coronavirus pandemic is the only one way to repair a broken economy, and rescue struggling communities.

“Until we get control of this virus, we will not have a healthy economy. We will not be able to rebuild,” said Rep. Katherine Clark, Democrat from Massachusetts.

Clark says Republicans need to think bigger on their Covid response.

“There was no hesitation on huge spending when it came to tax cuts for the very wealthiest of Americans. So what is the hesitation now?”

Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, Rep. Hakim Jeffries echoed Clark’s sentiment. He says to prevent small businesses, and state and local governments from falling into financial hardship, congress needs a more comprehensive package than what Republicans have offered.

“Is this an extraordinary event that has afflicted the American people or not?” said Jeffries, “If it’s an extraordinary event then the congressional COVID 19 pandemic response should be extraordinary as well.”

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