Dems face tough battle in bid to defeat GOP star Desantis


(NewsNation) — Several Democrats in Florida this week are looking to secure the nomination in the race for governor.

The biggest question is who can potentially beat current Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in November?

“That ought to be the question for any party as it’s choosing which candidate it should nominate. I mean, ultimately, they are trying to win elections,” Gregory Koger, a professor of political science at University of Miami, told NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” on Monday.

As of now, the state’s current agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried and former Republican governor of Florida, and now Democrat, Rep. Charlie Crist, are the top two Democratic candidates for the nomination and vowing to beat Desantis in November.

But experts point out it’ll be a tough fight, given that in Florida, the number of Republican voters outweighs Democrats.

Koger tells NewsNation the battle is especially critical for Crist: “If Charlie Crist loses this primary race, it’ll probably be the end for him.”

This state fight for governor also has national implications.

DeSantis has become a star on the GOP national stage, with the Florida governor recently making campaign appearances in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

DeSantis is seen by some experts as a possible nominee for president in 2024.

“So yes, if you are a Democrat outside of Florida, you might be looking at the next candidate for the Republican Party,” Koger says — which could mean a difficult fight for Democrats.

Koger says no matter who their nominee is after the tomorrow, the biggest challenge for Democrats in Florida moving forward is addressing their weaknesses.

That includes, he said, a weakness with Latino voters.

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