Did Biden, DeSantis politicize Hurricane Ian?


(NewsNation) — U.S. President Joe Biden visited Florida on Wednesday where he met with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to coordinate a federal and state response to rebuild parts of the state devastated by Hurricane Ian.

Both men vowed to leave politics out of the Hurricane Ian conversation, yet, politics have still managed to trickle in.

On Wednesday, Biden opened a news conference in Florida by proclaiming Hurricane Ian had left no doubts about whether there was climate change and if “we should do something about it.” That’s a comment likely to trigger some Republicans who deny the existence of climate change.

Likewise, however, in comments made earlier this week about looting, DeSantis noted that some people arrested for looting were illegal immigrants who he said should not even be in the United States in the first place, echoing a favorite midterm election talking point of Republicans.

The Hill political reporter Julia Manchester said Democrats will surely say DeSantis made that comment in an effort to politicize the hurricane.

“His opponents, I think, are definitely going to accuse him of politicizing this moment, of using Republican talking points in the midterm elections,” Manchester said. “We know that Gov. DeSantis and other governors and candidates running for reelection on the GOP side have been using this line about illegal immigration in their messaging.”

Manchester’s full appearance on NewsNation’s “Rush Hour” can be viewed in the video above.

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