Abortion, economy top concerns driving voters to polls

Elections 2022

ARLINGTON, Va. (NewsNation) — As voters head to polling locations Tuesday, many say that the most pressing issues they’re facing are the state of the economy, abortion rights and election integrity.

Voters also told NewsNation that immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border are major issues.

Many voters said they have specific reasons for casting their ballot.

“To me, the biggest issue is reproductive rights and ensuring that women have a right to choose. So, I don’t want us to go backwards,” said Christina Gwilliam, a Virginia voter. “I don’t have children, I’m past reproductive years, but to me, without reproductive freedom, women have no freedoms.”

“The fact that there’s a lot of individuals out there that think elections are fraudulent — I really don’t think they’re that fraudulent,” said Tom Guilliam, a Virginia voter. “You have secretaries of state approve and certify all elections. You’ve got to trust those individuals that they’re doing their job.”

Election Day this year is marked by concerns about further harassment and the potential for disruptions at polling places and at election offices where ballots will be tallied. Election officials say they are prepared to handle any issues that arise, urging voters not to be deterred.

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