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Wes Moore

FILE – Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore is seen in this Aug. 26, 2022 file photograph during a rally hosted by the Democratic National Committee in Rockville, Md. Moore faces Republican Dan Cox in the Nov. 8, 2022 general election. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

(NewsNation) — The 2022 midterm elections brought some historic firsts for candidates from underrepresented communities.

Black politicians made historic gains in states around the country.

In Maryland, Democrat Wes Moore will become the first Black governor in the state’s history. Moore, a newcomer to politics, campaigned on protecting abortion rights, serving overlooked communities and economic development.

Maryland also elected its first Black attorney general, Democrat Anthony Brown. Brown previously served as the lieutenant governor.

Democrat Shirley Weber became the first Black secretary of state in California, having promised to make changes to the state’s recall system for politicians.

In Connecticut, Stephanie Thomas became the first Black woman to hold the secretary of state role, promising to expand voter accessibility in the state.

Massachusetts elected Democrat Andrea Campbell to the post of attorney general, focusing her campaign on equity while her opponent ran a campaign centered around being tough on crime.

Pennsylvania also had two historic firsts, with Austin Davis becoming the state’s first Black lieutenant governor and Summer Lee becoming the first Black woman to represent Pennsylvania in Congress.

While these roles are historic, there is still a lack of representation in government. The current 117th Congress is the most diverse in history, with 57 Black representatives and 3 Black Senators.

When it comes to governorships, Black politicians have also been rare. Moore is just the fifth Black governor in the U.S. and of the previous four, only two were elected to office rather than being appointed.

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