Congressional control at stake as voters cast ballots

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(NewsNation) — With less than 24 hours until Election Day, Decision Desk HQ projected Monday morning that Republicans have a 56% chance of winning control over the Senate and even greater odds of winning over the House.

Control of Congress remains the biggest prize for midterms this year.

If Republicans can get a net gain of just five seats in House races, the party will win control. Over in the Senate, with seats currently split between parties, Republicans need a net gain of just one seat to win control. 

There are also three dozen gubernatorial races that will be happening, including races in battleground states where state abortion rights remain in the spotlight. 

What could things look like under a Republican Congress?

The party would be able to determine committees and what bills come to the floor. It could also stall President Joe Biden’s agenda on issues like abortion, climate change and gun control.

Republicans may also call for investigations into the Afghanistan withdrawal or Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

If there is a split House and Senate, all sorts of gridlock and squabbling between the parties over legislation can be expected. If Democrats can win control of both areas, that could be a big win for the future of Biden’s agenda. 

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