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(NewsNation) — Last-minute campaign efforts have popped up in multiple locations across the country, trying to win over voters who have yet to make up their minds about who they will vote for.

Political strategist Ryan Williams, who was the press aide for Republican Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign, discussed the midterm elections ahead of Election Day, saying he is looking most closely at the Senate races in Nevada and New Hampshire.

“I’m watching two. I’m watching Nevada, where it looks like Adam Laxalt is up about a point on the incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. And I’m also watching New Hampshire, a race that really wasn’t on anybody’s radar until about two weeks ago,” Williams said.

Williams said that every major Senate race is close, with candidates within a point or two of each other.

“Your ground game and your turnout operation make the difference in these races. So these ground games really will make all the difference in these races that are this close that could determine the balance of power in both chambers,” Williams said.

While inflation is the main issue driving voters to the polls, during these last-minute campaigns politicians are highlighting issues that appeal to their own parties in an effort to insure voter turnout.

“I think at this point, when you see someone like President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump come into a state to campaign, they’re coming in not really to appeal to the broad electorate, they’re coming in to fire up the base of their parties,” Williams explained. “They’re coming in to try to turn out the party faithful to make sure that come out on Election Day.”

Williams explained that the economic issues are what will drive late deciders as they make up their minds in the final 24 hours. But he said another issue that is driving voters, especially Republicans, to the polls is election integrity.

“I don’t have any doubt myself that this is going to be a secure election. But it is an issue that is really on the minds of a lot of Republican base voters,” Williams said.

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