Walker feels ‘a lot of relief’ post-debate

Georgia Senate Debate

(NewsNation) — NewsNation’s Leland Vittert spoke with Georgia’s Republican challenger Herschel Walker live from Savannah.

Walker said he felt “a lot of relief” after his debate with incumbent Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

“I didn’t get into this race because I want to be a politician. I got into this race because I saw something wrong,” Walker said. “I want everyone to know I’m going to fight for a seat.”

Vittert also asked Walker what he’d want to say to anyone voting for Warnock. Although he’s new to to politics, Walker said he can govern as well as anybody because he can read bills and “determine what is best for the Georgia people.”

Walker also pulled out the badge he was reprimanded for bringing on stage during the debate. He rebuffed the accusation he has posed as a police officer, simply saying he has “worked with law enforcement.”

“I support the military, I support law enforcement, and I never had an abortion, but they continue to lie. Right now I’m gonna win this seat,” Walker said.

During the debate, Walker was asked who he thought won the 2020 election. Georgia has been the epicenter of Trump’s false claim he won.

The Republican challenger affirmed that Trump lost, and Biden won. The outcome was “the reason” Walker decided to run.

Walker then placed blame on the Biden administration for high inflation, crime and the border crisis.

“That’s the reason I’m running, because President Trump is not in the White House,” Walker said.

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