New Trump super PAC could inject money into key races

Elections 2022

(NewsNation) — A Federal Election Commission filing shows top allies of former President Donald Trump are creating a new super PAC.

Trump has crisscrossed the country, holding rallies for the Republican candidates he has endorsed up and down the ticket.

But for weeks, many — including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — have suggested Trump put his money where his mouth is.

Now, less than two months before the Nov. 8 midterm elections, that might happen.

The political action committee, called MAGA Inc., could be used to inject money into key races where Trump has handed out his endorsement.

News of the new super PAC comes as many Republican candidates have been struggling to raise money against well-funded Democrats. Some GOP candidates — especially for the
— have struggled more than expected.

Trump’s backing of candidates like J.D. Vance and Dr. Oz in the primaries was timely, but now some Republicans worry that Trump has waited too long to open his wallet.

“If you’re a member of Republican Senate or House, either a member that’s currently in place or one that’s running for office, you have to have the response, like ‘too little too late,'” said Lisa Camooso Miller, public affairs consultant. “There has been a lot of question about where the money is that he’s raised for candidates. And now all of a sudden, here we are.”

Super PACs can raise unlimited money and spend it freely, but are barred from coordinating directly with campaigns.

Until now, Trump’s Save America leadership PAC, which must abide by far stricter fundraising and spending limits, has served as his chief political vehicle.

“President Trump is committed to saving America, and Make America Great Again, Inc. will ensure that is achieved at the ballot box in November and beyond,” said Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, who will serve as the group’s executive director.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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