Trump to rally for Vance ahead of Ohio Senate race

Ohio 2022 midterm election

(NewsNation) — Former President Donald Trump is set to hold his final rally of the 2022 midterm campaign to stump for Republican J.D. Vance as the Ohio Senate race comes to a close.

The race could be crucial in deciding which party controls the Senate. Most polls have Vance ahead, but only by a bit over Democratic candidate Rep. Tim Ryan — within the margin of error.

Vance continues to link Ryan to the Biden administration and inflation.

“Tim Ryan of course have supported all of these policies 100% of the time,” he said. “This really is the contrast on these economic issues between Tim Ryan and myself.”

The race has been focused on economic issues like inflation and bringing jobs to Ohio.

Ryan is pitching himself as a moderate who can work with Republicans.

“A bipartisan infrastructure deal that’s going to create 600,000 jobs here in Ohio,” he said. “J.D. Vance is against that. Rob Portman, the senator who currently holds this seat, republican, helped put that deal together.”

Trump’s backing of Vance was crucial in helping the author and venture capitalist — and onetime Trump critic — secure the GOP’s nomination for a Senate seat.

The Vance campaign welcomed support from Trump, who won Ohio by 8 points and points to other endorsements from more moderate Republicans like Ohio’s popular governor, Mike DeWine, and retiring Sen. Rob Portman.

Ryan did receive support from Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney. Cheney said she has committed to not supporting Republican candidates she says are election deniers.

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