New day, new scandal: More allegations for embattled Rep. Santos

(NewsNation) — Scandal after scandal, lie after lie, just when you think embattled New York Rep. George Santos’ case can’t get any more bizarre, we learn something new.

New reporting today detailed an allegation that Santos worked and raised money for a Ponzi-like investment scheme in 2020, duping at least one person into making a six-figure investment.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Florida-based firm is under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

There is also new video that surfaced from a 2019 event in which Santos appears on camera asking a question to an LGBTQ panel using the name Anthony Devolder.

And yet another story cites an old college roommate who claims Santos wore a stolen scarf to a “Stop the Steal” rally, which, frankly seems trivial compared to some of the other proven lies and allegations.

So far, Santos, who has faced controversy after it was revealed he made false statements about large parts of his personal and work background, has remained defiant, suggesting that it’s not likely he will step down and resign.

NewsNation compiled a list of most, not all, of the more stunning lies and alleged crimes Santos may have committed.

The list includes everything from his using a false name to his falsifying his work experience and his family’s background.

He also told lies about being Jewish and Black.

Santos says he’s gay, but records show he recently divorced a woman.

It’s also unclear how his net worth went from barely above zero to, as his local newspaper The Northshore Reader reports, $11 million dollars.

Earlier this week, Santos got more calls from fellow lawmakers to step down.

Some, however, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy, say Santos was duly elected by voters in his district and they deserve representation.

Santos is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee over the incidents.

The Nassau County Republican Party, of which Santos is a member, has called on him to resign. As have a number of New York Republicans in Congress.


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