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House committee to hold field hearing on violent crime in Chicago

  • Chicago sees spike in violent crimes; homicides up nearly 80% since 2019
  • GOP asserts meeting aims to exert pressure on Democrats to initiate change
  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx's policies will also be under scrutiny

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CHICAGO (NewsNation) — The Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee will convene in Chicago to discuss victims of violent crime and what lawmakers are referring to as the city’s top prosecutor’s “pro-crime” rhetoric sparking increased violence in the city.

The “Victims of Violent Crime in Chicago” hearing is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. ET.

The committee will hear testimonies from witnesses ranging from retired detectives and police officers to a political analyst who lost his 18-year-old brother to gun violence last year.

Additionally, experts will provide insights on what lawmakers are referring to as Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s “anti-victim” rhetoric, including the push to end cash bail, which took effect on Sept. 18.

NewsNation reached out to former Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who expressed readiness for a political change, emphasizing that there are other cities with higher crime rates than Chicago.

“Chicago gets a bad reputation because perception is reality for a lot of folks,” Johnson said. “But the reality of it is, we get so much attention because we’re so big, you know, but the reality of it is, Chicago is nowhere near the top in terms of overall crime.”

According to the World Population Review, Chicago ranks 20th for the most violent crime per capita in the U.S. St. Louis, Detroit and Baltimore are in the top three.

More than 25,000 crimes violent crimes have been reported in Chicago so far this year — including shootings, homicides, robberies and battery. That currently averages to 110 violent crimes per day.

Violent crimes, specifically robberies and assaults, have increased significantly in Chicago over the last year and the homicide rate is up nearly 80% since 2019.

On Monday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan posted about Chicago’s deadly weekend, writing, “30 shot. 3 killed. One weekend. Democrat-run Chicago.”

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has yet to comment on the hearing. However, last week, he addressed the issues of Chicago’s crime, stating, “You know, in the city of Chicago, we’ve invested in for the first time in the history of Chicago, an entire office dedicated to community safety. And what I’m clear about is that we certainly have to look at the root causes of crime, and be prepared to actually invest in people.”

Some Democrats have called Tuesday’s meeting politically motivated, especially given the imminent threat of a government shutdown this week. There’s also speculation that it will be seen as a subtle reference to the Democrats’ 2024 National Convention held in Chicago.

On the other hand, Republicans assert the meeting is intended to exert pressure on Democrats to initiate change.


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