House Republicans pass Parents’ Bill of Rights

  • House Republicans narrowly passed legislation labeled the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act
  • Parental rights in the classroom is a culture-war issue the GOP has made a priority
  • It is highly unlikely the Democratic-controlled chamber will take up the measure

(NewsNation) — House Republicans on Friday narrowly passed legislation, labeled the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act, that gives parents a greater say in what’s taught in public schools.

The legislation passed in a 213-208 vote, with five Republicans voting with every Democrat against the bill.

According to The Hill, the measure would require schools to publish their curricula publicly, mandate that parents be allowed to meet with their children’s teachers and make schools give information to parents when violence occurs on school grounds.

Additionally, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., successfully added amendments that would require schools to report when transgender girls join girls’ athletic teams and if trans girls are allowed to use girls school restrooms or locker rooms.

The measure also ensures that parents receive a list of books and reading materials at the school library, and gives parents a say when schools are crafting or updating their policies and procedures for student privacy, The Hill reported.

Critics say it is a burdensome proposal that would fuel a far-right movement that has resulted in book bans and restrictions aimed at transgender students. 

Democrats also raised alarm that the bill as written would force schools to out LGBTQ students to their families, which can sometimes lead to abuse or abandonment.

“We’ll fight against this legislation. We’ll fight against the banning of books, fight against the bullying of children from any community, and certainly from the LGBTQ+ community,” House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries said.

Parental rights in the classroom is a hot-button, culture-war issue that has gained popularity in GOP politics across the country.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has made the bill a top priority during the early weeks of his tenure.

Recently, Republicans have tapped into frustrations over remote learning and mask mandates in schools, as well as social conservatives’ opposition to certain teachings on race that are broadly labeled as critical race theory, a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism. 

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

According to The Hill, it is highly unlikely that the Democratic-controlled Senate will take up the measure, with House Democrats dubbing the bill the “Politics Over Parents Act.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer promised it faced a “dead end” in his chamber and skewered it as evidence that the House GOP has been overtaken by “hard-right MAGA ideologues.”

The Hill and the Associated Press contributed to this report.


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