How will the Hunter Biden indictment impact the president?

  • Hunter Biden is facing federal gun charges
  • House Republicans are pursuing an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden
  • Both of those may influence political strategy for the 2024 election

(NewsNation) — As Hunter Biden has been indicted on federal gun charges, House Republicans are also pursuing an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden. Will the charges impact the political strategy for either side?

Politics and public affairs research scholar at Princeton University Lauren Wright and Democratic strategist Kurt Bardella joined NewsNation to discuss how the charges may influence the political strategies for the Biden administration and the Republicans.

Bardella said while the Republican investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings could be damaging for the White House, he doubts the gun charges will influence voters.

“I don’t think anyone in America cares,” he said.

Wright noted it will also be a difficult line for Republicans to walk, as they have said the Department of Justice has been favorable to Hunter Biden due to his father’s position, yet the charges he faces are very serious.

On top of the indictment, Republicans are going to have to work to prove the allegations that Joe Biden had anything to do with his son’s business dealings. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Ca., a staunch Republican, has admitted that thus far, there is no evidence directly tying Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s deals.

“That’s pretty damning that they’re moving forward with an impeachment inquiry without actually having a smoking gun,” Bardella said.

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