Is Gov. Ron DeSantis positioning for 2024 presidential run?


(NewsNation) — He’s become a star in the Republican Party and the most likely alternative, in the minds of GOP voters, to former President Donald Trump — Ron DeSantis.

Although the Florida governor has not declared he’s running for president in 2024, he appears to be building his political brand that is toeing the line between the establishment and MAGA movement.

According to a new list by the Washington Post, DeSantis tops the list of likely nominees and is now hitting the campaign trail supporting Trump-backed candidates.

Republican strategist and former Senate aide Brian Darling says while other Republicans in the Trump-era embrace culture war fights with the left, DeSantis stands out knowing which fights to fight.

“He’s kind of a moderate MAGA candidate if you will,” Darling said.

Darling says DeSantis uses his platform as governor but stops short of extremes.

“He seems to find the sweet spot where there’s news coverage of an issue, and he’s able to get into that issue and take action,” Darling said, adding: “Other candidates, potential candidates, are not in the spotlight as much as the governor. So he’s done a great job navigating the MAGA world.”

While many Trump allies have embraced the false notion the 2020 election was stolen, DeSantis has not. But he has championed a new Florida election security law that’s popular among voters who call the election into question.

Darling points out that DeSantis also has not waded too deep in the abortion discussion itself, but very publicly fired a Florida prosecutor who pledged not to go after those who violate the state’s abortion restrictions.

And perhaps his best weapon as a potential presidential candidate — DeSantis knows how to stay in the news cycle.

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