Manchin on 2024 political plans: ‘Everything is on the table’


(NewsNation) — Sen. Joe Manchin is making headlines once again Sunday.

The West Virginia Democrat continues to be a thorn in the side of the Biden administration—holding up legislation.

Sunday, Manchin didn’t rule out changing his political party—or potentially running against President Biden or even former President Trump in 2024.

On “Meet the Press,” he said, “Everything is on the table.”

Manchin was recently seen high-fiving another rouge Democrat – Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema – who changed her party affiliation to Independent in December. The move has shaken up the Senate though she won’t caucus with Republicans. Following Sinema’s switch, Manchin said in December he had “no intention of doing anything right now.”

Manchin criticized President Biden for being pulled too far left. He thinks the country needs someone who can unify. 

“This country needs to unite. We need come back together. We’re not coming together. It needs to bring somebody that can bring this country together,” Manchin said, adding: “Republican ideas aren’t always bad. The Democrats don’t have all the answers and vice versa.” During an interview on CNN’s  “State of the Union,” Manchin called Biden’s handling of classified documents “totally irresponsible.”

Manchin says it is still too early for him to decide on whether to change his political party. He wants to see the “lay of the land” before announcing what’s next.

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