Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit over voter fraud in Nevada


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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Nevada judge has dismissed President Donald Trump’s campaign’s request to declare the president the winner in Nevada and nullify the election results.

President-elect Joe Biden won Nevada by more than 33,000 votes. The state lawsuit alleges voter irregularities and fraud make Trump the actual winner. Lawyers for Republican Party electors on behalf of the Trump campaign told a judge Thursday they had evidence of deceased individuals having votes cast in their names and that tens of thousands of living voters voted twice.

Last week, the Nevada Supreme Court and Gov. Steve Sisolak certified the election results, directing the Democratic Party’s electors to cast their six votes for Biden.

Jesse Binnall, the Trump campaign lawyer, told Russell that 1,506 votes cast in the election came from dead voters. Binnall also alleged Clark County failed to secure its voting machines, saying there was limited security when moving data off a machine and into the county’s system. None of the evidence was presented publicly, as it was under seal. The lawyer for the Democratic electors said the evidence provided no names.

Binnall and the Nevada Republican Party also provided these allegations:

  • 2,468 votes by voters who changed their address to another state or country
  • 42,284 voters who voted twice
  • About 20,000 voters who voted in Nevada without a Nevada mailing address

NewsNation affiliate KLAS-TV has found two instances of dead individuals having votes cast in their names. A list provided in previous court cases of voters who voted without a Nevada mailing address was found to contain students and military families who are legally allowed to vote in Nevada.

In all, Clark County elections officials said five people voted twice. Their names were forwarded to the Secretary of State’s Office to determine if the double votes were made will ill intent. Voter fraud is illegal and carries a fine and jail time.

Binnall told the judge his argument focused on Nevada’s mail-in voting law, which allowed registrars to send ballots to every registered voter. Previous state lawsuits found no issue with the law.

Several lawsuits on similar matters have been thrown out of state court. Republicans had filed a similar lawsuit in November, but later dropped it. Three lawsuits by Republicans asking Nevada state judges for new elections have also been tossed.

This latest case can be appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court.

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