Lawyer suing DOJ for Hunter Biden-related documents


(NewsNation) — In November 2020, Colorado lawyer Kevin Evans requested government documents related to gifts or payments from China, Russia or Ukraine to Hunter or James Biden.

In March, Evans decided to sue the Department of Justice for refusing to release hundreds of documents that could potentially shine some light on possible business relationships between Hunter Biden and foreign countries.

During an appearance on NewsNation, Evans insisted that his is not a purely partisan endeavor.

“It’s not partisan for me at all,” he told NewsNation host Leland Vittert. “In fact, somebody once asked me recently, am I a Trumpian? Am I doing this because I’m affiliated with Trump? … I consider Trump to be a narcissist. I don’t want him anywhere near the White House.”

Evans went on to say he would be equally offended by the situation if a Republican were in the same situation.

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