Ohio congressman to propose ‘Stop the Cartels’ Act


(NewsNation) — Ohio Republican U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson is taking steps to stop migrant smuggling by introducing the “Stop the Cartels” Act to the House Wednesday.

The bill proposes increasing sanctions on cartels, pressuring Mexico to resume cooperation with U.S. law enforcement requiring reporting on the cartels’ drug and human trafficking.

“I think we need to frame the debate properly,” Davidson said. “We often frame it as an issue of border security, or immigration, both of which are broken and ineffective right now, but we need to focus on stopping the cartels. The cartels are exploiting these people and they’re poisoning our country. There is no part of America that isn’t being affected by this insecure border.”

From intelligence collection to reforming asylum, Davidson’s bill also includes reinstating the policies of former President Donald Trump, including eliminating sanctuary cities.

“Donald Trump had a particular approach that was proven very effective, not just a wall, but in-depth security systems and a road network around our border that massively helped our border patrol. When you get out and talk to them, they were seeing great results from that big investment,” Davidson said. “So we need to do all the above and frankly, other issues that create big black markets in the United States, including our drug market. I mean, fundamentally, the issue is demand.”

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