Poll: 60% of voters view media as a threat to democracy


(NewsNation) — More than half of registered voters in America view the mainstream media as a threat to democracy in the U.S., a recently released New York Times and Siena College poll revealed.

“Americans are extremely more polarized. And polling continuously shows that our population gets news from vastly different sources. We don’t agree on what the facts are,” Dr. Nadia Brown, a professor of government at Georgetown University, said.

According to the poll, 59% of voters see the media as a threat to democracy, 25% consider the threat to be minor and the remaining 15% see no threat at all.

The poll also showed that 87% of voters who supported former President Donald Trump in 2020 reported they view the media as a threat, while only 33% of President Joe Biden supporters and voters say the same thing.

The New York Times also noted that 14% of voters say political views reveal a lot about a person’s character, whether they’re a good person or a bad person, but 34% polled said it doesn’t mean anything at all.

The poll also revealed that nearly one in five political disagreements has hurt relationships among family members and friends.

A recent Gallup poll also said that only 34% of Americans believe that major media organizations will fully, accurately and fairly report on current events.

At this time, many people do not believe that the media will get the story right, and there is now a big trust issue between the media and the public.

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