Pros and cons of the mail-in voting system in place in Washington State


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — President Donald Trump talked about alleged mail-in voter fraud in Tuesday night’s first presidential debate.

On Wednesday state election officials in Pennsylvania said nine military ballots that were thrown away we’re done so mistakenly and that it was not intentional fraud.

In the last week alone, the president has cited those ballots as what he calls “evidence” of election fraud but Pennsylvania Secretary of State responded in part “the investigation is still going on but from the initial reports we’ve been given this was a bad error, this was not intentional fraud.”

Pennsylvania election officials said military and overseas ballots that arrive in the state usually come inside envelopes that are not clearly marked as ballots. Authorities said workers were not properly trained on how to handle those kind of unmarked envelopes.

Election authorities are expecting a lot of ballots will be cast by mail in the upcoming election. NewsNation checked in to see how mail-in voting is going in states that have been using it before this year.

Washington State is one of five where the practice has been in place for years, the others are Oregon, Colorado, Utah and Hawaii. NewsNation’s Marni Hughes talked with C.R. Douglas, a Seattle TV and radio journalist who has been covering politics for more than two decades. He studied history and political science at Stanford University where he received a master’s degree.

Douglas discussed how Washington State abandoned traditional poll voting a decade ago and managed to have minor issues with mail in voting.

For the full interview watch the video above.

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