Republicans, Democrats battle over confirmation process of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee


WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — Senate Democrats continue to make their case against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee with a combination of criticisms about her record and the nomination process.

Democrats argue Judge Amy Coney Barrett will move the court further to the right, and that the process to confirm her is rushed.

“The voters would simply like an opportunity to vote for their president before the Senate votes on a nominee,” said Senator Kamala Harris. “We’re not in the middle of an election year. We’re in the middle of an election… They just want to jam this nomination through as fast as they can.”

“Yes, on occasion we do have these confrontations about the process,” said Barbara Perry, presidential studies director at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center.

Perry said compared to past nominations, Judge Barrett’s will likely garner criticism for the confirmation process itself more so than the nominations of Judges Brett Kavanaugh or Neil Gorsuch. The latter two judges faced criticism mostly centered on their personal and judicial records.  

“I do wonder if there will be some… who might boycott as a statement about the process, if not the candidate herself because she is certainly qualified,” said Perry.

Beyond process, Perry said Barrett will likely get questions about abortion cases and repealing the Affordable Care Act during her hearings. She said it’s unlikely, however, Barrett answers them.

“They will not speak about cases that might come before them, and that’s logical and reasonable,” said Perry.

She said she also expects Barrett to be asked to recuse herself if the presidential election is contested, and ends up in the Supreme Court.

“I’m sure she’ll be asked this before the Judiciary Committee, did trump talk to her directly about her thoughts about the upcoming election,” Perry said.

“Maybe they’ve got a beef with the timing, but their responsibility is to do what the Constitution asks of them,” said Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, director of the Conscience Project, an organization that contributes to and advocates for religious freedom cases.

Picciotti-Bayer, a Barrett supporter, said the Senate shouldn’t overstep its role to “advise and consent” on judges.

“She is exceptionally qualified for this position, and I think there should be bipartisan uniform support,” Picciotti-Bayer said.

Barrett is expected to meet with a number of GOP Senators on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning.

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