Trump, Biden campaign in multiple states ahead of Election Day


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — There are six days left until Election Day and both candidates made several stops along the campaign trail Wednesday. President Donald Trump campaigned in Arizona and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden visited Delaware and even voted with his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

The president told supporters in Arizona that a vaccine to end the pandemic is already in hand and almost available. While former vice president Biden said such talk was an insult to the thousands getting infected every day.
Arizona is a state the president won by just under four points in 2016, but also where coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have been trending upward this month.

“A safe vaccine is coming very quickly. You’re gonna have it momentarily, that eradicates the virus. And we’re rounding the turn regardless, you know that. We’ve got the vaccine,” Trump said.
A release from the White House Office of Science and Technology said Tuesday that it’s already been done — listing “ending the pandemic” as one of the accomplishments from the first term. The White House later said the release was poorly worded.

Former vice president Biden was not mollified when he spoke in Delaware.
“Top accomplishment of Trump’s first term. At the very moment when the infection rates are going up in almost every state in our union,” Biden said. “The refusal of the Trump administration to recognize the reality we’re living through, at a time when almost a thousand Americans a day are dying every single day is an insult to every single person suffering from COVID-19.”
Both men talked about the virus six days before the election was a measure of how thoroughly it dominated the campaign.
“If I weren’t president, if you had sleepy Joe as your president, it would have taken you four years to have a vaccine. You would have never had a vaccine,” Trump said.
Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Wisconsin where the Democratic governor has urged citizens to stay home as the virus spikes.
“We’re going to keep moving heaven and Earth to make sure our hospitals have all the supplies they need to give the level of care to anyone struggling with the coronavirus,” Pence said.
Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris was also in Arizona. She spoke to her beliefs and said she is not “some out of the mainstream radical.”

“There has been some talk about my values. Let me tell you I am a proud patriotic American and I love my country and our values reflect the values of America, our values tell us we’ve witnessed the worst the biggest disaster of any presidential administration in history, our values tell us that,” Harris said.

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