Trump eyes union votes amid UAW strike

  • The UAW strike may be inspiring Trump to go for union votes
  • Polling shows a neck-and-neck hypothetical race between Trump and Biden
  • Democrats are urging Biden to make a stop in Michigan

(NewsNation) — The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, now on its seventh day, is emerging as the latest battleground for the White House.

The union strike could be a watershed moment in the presidential race, with former President Donald Trump saying he intends to head to Michigan next week. So far, he’s kept his cards close to the vest without diving into his perspective on the strike. However, he hinted at the issue during an appearance last night in Iowa.

I will cancel Joe Biden’s preposterous electric vehicle mandate,” Trump said. “There will be no forced transition to all-electric cars.”

Electric vehicles are a big concern among UAW workers as they hope to put themselves in a position to preserve jobs. A new poll from Emerson College found a plurality of voters support the workers, including a majority of Democrats and some independents.

Republicans are almost evenly split on the issue.

A state like Michigan could ultimately decide who goes to the White House. Polling shows a neck-and-neck race between Biden and Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

 Trump has said he’ll be on the ground in Michigan next week, but Biden has not committed to visiting the state. Democrats in the Great Lakes state are urging him to reconsider.


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