Trump’s friends and foes: Political futures are unclear for 2024


(NewsNation) — Rep. Liz Cheney’s defeat in the Wyoming Republican primary could be a presage of things to come, having reinforced Trump’s influence on the party.

Now, Cheney said she is “thinking about” running for president, but what does her defeat mean for Trump’s other critics?

NewsNation senior contributor George Will discussed what’s next for Trump’s political friends and foes.

“Donald Trump has a firm grip on the nominating electorate of the Republican Party, but that’s not a majority of the Republican Party,” Will said. “Remember, most Americans don’t vote in primaries, least of all in August, least of all in a non-presidential year. So what you got in Wyoming was: A. A very Trump supporting state and B. The most intense Trump supporters came out and there are a whopping majority in Wyoming.”

Will said it’s not quite clear as to what Cheney’s path forward will be.

“If Liz Cheney is hinting about running as an independent third party candidate, she might have the effect of helping Trump by drawing away from the Democrats, moderate Republicans who otherwise would have voted for the Democrat and helping, therefore, Trump slipped through in a narrow passage,” he said. “So this is indeed It’s like four-dimensional chess at this point.”

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