US crime wave could be a top issue in 2024 election cycle


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Some of even the most liberal of Democratic commentators say the crime wave in America could be an Achilles heel for their party.

“If people feel forced to choose security over democracy — concerns about stealing outside their door over stealing an election — beware: Way too many will choose Trump and his cult,” Tom Friedman of The New York Times wrote Wednesday.

Mike Allen of Axios says Democrats view this as an existential crisis but are constrained by the progressive left.

“Democrats know they’re kind of caught because the rhetoric about defund the police is already out there,” said Allen.

In one of former President Donald Trump’s campaign ads from last year, he warned of the movement to defund the police. In the ad, a phone call made to the police goes to voicemail.

“You have reached the 911 police emergency line. Due to defunding of the police department, we’re sorry, but no one is here to take your call,” says the dramatic voice recording. “Leave your name and number and someone will get back to you. Our estimated wait time is currently five days.”

Obviously, that didn’t work quite well enough for Trump to win re-election, and those ads aired before the rise in crime.

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