Violent crime on voter’s minds ahead of elections

(NewsNation) — Crime is still a pressing issue for voters, and could shape some important upcoming elections — including the Texas governor’s race.

Homicides and rapes have actually gone down, although total violent crime is on the rise, a midyear survey of law enforcement agencies reported on by Axios found.

Homicides dropped by 2.4%, while rape fell by 5% in major cities, per the survey, which was done by the Major Cities Chiefs Association.

From Jan. 1 to June 30, 2022, however, overall violent crime spiked by 4.2% from the previous year. Robberies in particular went up by nearly 12%.

However, as Axios notes, homicides have increased by 50% and aggravated assaults by 36% compared to 2019 midyear figures.

Back in July, a NewsNation poll found close to 47% of respondents consider crime a very important issue when they vote for officials in Congress, although inflation still remains the top issue on people’s minds.

Candidates are taking note of this ahead of the midterm elections.

In Texas, political hopefuls are campaigning on crime issues, signaling that it could be a crucial issue on the ballot in November.

Speaking at a press conference Tuesday while surrounded by law enforcement officials, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott sharply rebuked any effort to limit police funding,

“In Texas, we support our law enforcement officers, period,” Abbott said. “And so these legislators helped to pass and I signed a law that will defund any city or county that defunds their police.”

Abbott’s Democratic opponent Beto O’Rourke sent NewsNation a statement, reading in part, “Greg Abbott is trying to distract Texans from the fact that violent crime in this state is up across the board on his watch, while the rates for bringing violent criminals to justice in Texas have fallen dramatically with him in office.”

According to The Texan, all but one of the state’s most populated cities experienced homicide increases in 2021.


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