Vittert: Trump, DOJ working in their interests on Mar-a-Lago

(NewsNation) — NewsNation’s Leland Vittert says both Donald Trump’s legal team and the people behind the FBI search of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate are working solely in “their best interests.”

“Whether that’s the best interest of the United States and of of the citizens to be well-informed, you make your own decision,” Vittert said.

There’s a 3 p.m. Friday deadline for Trump’s legal team to respond to the Department of Justice’s request to unseal the warrant.

During an interview with Vittert, Trump’s attorney, Christina Bobb, said, “We’re trying to work well with the Department of Justice.

“We’ve been cooperative this entire time, and we’d like to remain cooperative,” Bobb said. “We have reached out to them and are waiting to hear back.”

Vittert, however, said Trump’s team could release this information “within the hour” if they wanted to, as it has the warrant and receipt of service in their possession.

“One of the real problems here is is that there’s very real reasons to be suspicious of the credibility and the genuinness, shall we say, or the candidness of both sides in this situation,” he said.

On one hand, Vittert said, there’s Trump’s lawyers, who are “hiding” behind the idea of decorum and working with the Justice Department. At the same time, he said, Merrick Garland is saying releasing the search warrant is important to show the American public the basis for the investigation.

However, Vittert said he’s not going to release the affidavit that was used to get the search warrant “under any condition.”

“That would actually show us and tell us what exactly, the FBI went to this judge with and said, ‘Hey, Judge, this is why we need to raid Mar-a-Lago,'” Vittert explained.


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