Apocalypse bunkers making comeback, business owner says

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(NewsNation) — With the war in Ukraine showing no signs of slowing down and tensions with China still high, the owner of a bomb shelter factory says business has never been better.

“They’re catching on and I’m selling the heck out of them,” Ron Hubbard said Wednesday on “NewsNation Prime.”

Hubbard is president of Atlas Survival Shelters, which sells dozens of models of tornado, fire and bomb shelters. The prices for top of the line models can run to $250,000.

While a basic shelter has the essentials such as air filtration and water tanks, the more expensive packages come with floor storage, eight foot ceilings, wine racks and even granite countertops.

“I had an idea several years ago thinking Russia and China might be a problem in the future, that people building houses in the future might want to put a bomb shelter underneath it like they do in Switzerland or in Israel,” Hubbard said. “So, I went to Texas and built the biggest bomb shelter factory, thinking I could maybe do 1,000-2,000 houses per year. And of course, my timing was impeccable.”

He said business was doing so well, even before the war in Europe, that he opened a factory in Poland in 2021.

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