Brian Laundrie’s disappearance adds confusion to case, former FBI agents say

Gabby Petito Case

(NewsNation Now) — As the FBI still searches for Brian Laundrie, former agents say his continued absence casts uncertainty over the future of the Gabby Petito case.

“Really, nobody really knows where he is,” former FBI agent Gina Osborn said on NewsNation’s “The Donlon Report.” “So really, either he’s in hiding, or perhaps he realizes, (if he had something to do with Petito’s death), what he had done, and he may have taken things into his own hands.”

The search for Laundrie is the latest twist in the Petito saga, which began Sept. 10 when she was reported missing. North Port police chief Todd Garrison told NewsNation’s Marni Hughes on Thursday he knew where Laundrie was. But another former FBI agent, Patrick Conley, says anything is possible at this point.

“The reality is, we don’t know that (police) even have spoken to him or even known where he’s at,” former FBI agent Patrick Conley said on “NewsNation Prime.” “It’s unclear as to whether he’s even been to his residence. (It’s) just speculation on all sides on this.”

But there can be no more than speculation on his whereabouts or his involvement. Friday night, after police were at the Laundrie home for two hours, the family attorney released a statement saying they did not know where Laundrie was.

Two days later, authorities in Wyoming announced they had found a body that matched Petito’s description, but still had not positively identified her as of Monday night. Laundrie was named a person of interest in her disappearance last week, but has not been charged with a crime.

While Osborn said it’s possible Laundrie may not be alive, Conley said Laundrie may be using this as a stall tactic. However, Osborn said, that may work against him.

“Might actually be an advantage to law enforcement at this point in time for them to spend more time gathering some evidence before they encounter or speak with him,” Conley said.

Monday, agents showed up at the Laundrie home with evidence bags, which Conley and Osborn agree likely means the case against him is getting more serious.

“I would suspect that they received information from (the Wyoming) search, and that was the information that they used to be able to get into the house,” Osborn said. “And since the FBI did the search warrant, I would say that they’re looking for digital evidence, DNA evidence, or anything that would link Brian to the location where they found the body.”

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