Flying car could be weeks away from takeoff

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(NewsNation) — Car lovers are in for a treat after the CEO of a Portland-based company claims he is weeks away from testing a flying car.

A major milestone in automotive aviation could soon be reality.

“The switchblade,” an aircraft made by Samson Sky, doubles as a car and is set to get its wheels off the ground in just a few weeks after the Federal Aviation Administration determined it was safe to fly.

The project has been 14 years in the making. Samson Sky CEO Sam Bousfield says he’s stoked to reach this crucial milestone.

“It’s called a switchblade for the way the wings swing out from the belly of the aircraft, like a pocket knife,” Bousfield told NewsNation on Thursday. “So when you want to fly, you push the button. The wings swing out from the belly, the tail calls bank, and it unfurls out top, and then you fly.”

The flying-car can hold two people, fly at 160 miles per hour and reach a maximum elevation of about 16,000 feet.

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