‘Friends’-themed home in Ohio sold in bidding war

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(NewsNation) — A “Friends” themed house on Zillow had the internet buzzing, but it’s no longer there for you.

Initially, the home was on Airbnb for anyone to rent, but now it’s going to be somebody’s forever home.

“We actually accepted an offer the day after we went on the market. We had a bidding war, of course. Because that’s the way of the world right now. I think the girl that’s purchasing it is very very happy,” Gannon said.

She did not say how much it sold for, but the asking price was $162,000.

The three-bedroom and one-bathroom home is located in Dayton, Ohio and was renovated to look like Monica Geller’s legendary “Friends” apartment.

“We just had this idea… what do I know better than ‘Friends?'” homeowner Rachel Gannon said during an appearance on “NewsNation PRIME.”

Gannon started watching the show repeatedly, taking notes, to come up with ideas for the house.

(Rachel Gannon)

The purple walls, brick-walled kitchen, and clawfoot bathtub transports you straight into the beloved tv show.

(Rachel Gannon)
(Rachel Gannon)

There’s even a race car bed in one room, a call-back to an episode.

(Rachel Gannon)

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