ISIS calls for attacks in Europe, Israel

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(NewsNation) — While the war in Ukraine distracts most of the world, the newest leader of ISIS is sending a clear warning.

In a radio address, posted online during the monthlong celebration of Ramadan, Abu Omar al-Muhajjr called on ISIS followers to resume attacks in Europe, calling it a “global offensive” to “take advantage of the available opportunity of the crusaders fighting each other.”

“That is a real threat because we know they’ve been plotting for a long time. We know that they still have a desire and intent to conduct attacks in the west, Jamil Jaffer, founder and executive director of the National Security Institute, said Tuesday on “NewsNation Prime.”

ISIS wants revenge for its former leader, who died in early February when he killed himself and his family as American special forces in Syria closed in on his safe house.

Now, the terrorist group vows to retaliate under the cloak of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“Today, the way that groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda operate is try to motivate Americans” who support them “to take action in the United States,” Jaffer explained.

And there has already been evidence of aggression against Israel; in the past few weeks, as Ramadan and Passover overlap, there have been disturbances in Jerusalem and Palestinian assailants have killed 11 Israelis.

“Every murderer should know that we will reach him, and anybody who helps terrorists need to know that the price he will pay will be intolerably heavy,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett responded during a news conference.

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